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Yolanda has a passion to create harmony between horses and humans. There is nothing better than the smell of a happy horse in a natural environment.

She has studied psychology and received the rector medal for the best student of this course at Unisa back in the 90’s. Little did she know back then that she would combine horses and humans as her ultimate career and loving every moment.

During her corporate years at a financial institution she enjoyed Learning and Development and especially trauma counseling. She was the owner of a nursery school for 16 years where she learnt a great deal about the relationships between little riders and horses. Together with her husband, she is a director at Oppistal. Her two daughters are avid horse lovers and compete. The family is very involved with horses. Hoof beats forms part of their everyday life.

She has never stopped learning about equine behaviour and has completed numerous equine courses (Animal Healing, Eqasa, T-touch and currently she is busy with Masterson Method). Caring for equines on a daily basis has formed part of her life for the past two decades. She is registered as an Equine Complementary Health Therapist at Ceepsa.

Yolanda studies the work of Human Behaviourists and is an avid learner herself. She has developed her own unique style and offers an amazing opportunity with one of her therapy horses to gain insight. Their herd of horses has distinguished themselves as relationship, rejection and early childhood specialists.

She often presents workshops and clinics. She loves community work and adding love to disabled people. She believes that this is where miracles take place.

It is a true blessing for her to assist horses with rehabilitation and training work. She loves to start horses and coach her employees to be the best they can be.

Yolanda Steyn

Complementary Health Therapist

After being in the corporate world for 25 years, I decided to completely change my world and my focus, from the corporate rat race and move into the wonderful world of equines. I have been riding for over 20 years but finally took the plunge and bought my own horse in 2014, which was a dream come true!
I have always been passionate about horses and their welfare, but did not realise the depths and the obligation of owning and genuinely caring for your own horse, in order for them to reach their true athletic potential and live a happy and healthy life. I work as a CEEPSA registered, Complementary Health Therapist and I have successfully completed the following certifications:

Equine Massage Therapy – (Equine Studies Institute – USA)
Equine Health and Disease Management (Equine Studies Institute – USA)
Equine Nutrition for Maximum Performance (Equine Studies Institute – USA)
Conformation and Selection for Performance (Equine Studies Institute - USA)
Saddle fit, bits and hoof balance (Equine Studies Institute - USA)
Saddle Fitting (Ethology Academy - SA)
Equine Craniosacral Therapy (Dr Angelique Barbara - USA)
Equine and rider Kinesiology Taping (Dr Angelique Barbara - USA)
Equine restraint and physical examination (Equi-Librium Institute - USA)
Fundamentals of Equine First Aid (Equi-Librium Institute - USA)

“I am passionate and committed to the holistic well-being of the horse, whether it is a horse that is ridden for pleasure (the companion), the school pony (the teacher), the trail horse (the bombproof) or the competitive horse (the athlete). It gives me great satisfaction in working with all kinds of horses enabling them to be the best they can be by assisting them in their physical balance.” Equi-Silhouette: Passionate about providing professional care to treat, rehabilitate and develop your equine companion.

Vicki Sokolich

Equine Complementary Health Therapist

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